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Celtic Rug (Celtic Design Collection)

Fair Trade Area Rug and Wall Hanging

Fair Trade Area Rug and Wall Hanging

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The Fair Trade area rug and wallhanging is a rich illustration of Celtic colors on a blue background. It's interlacing human figures remind us of the essential need for human interaction and the importance of fair trade.

A successful negotiation of old and new

New centers for trade and learning emerged as the Celtic population of Ireland grew, one such center was at Clonmacnoise. Founded by St. Ciaran, it grew into a hub for the exchange of ideas in ancient times and is said to be one of the first international universities ever constructed.

This particular design of interlacing human figures from Clonmacnoise is said to represent bartering and depicts the participants engaged in fierce negotiation.

Free shipping from Ireland

Each of our area rugs is shipped directly from Ireland. It is packed by-hand and sent by courier directly to your doorstep. We currently offer free shipping to Ireland, The United Kingdom, The United States, Canada and Europe. If you live in any other country, you can purchase a rug by contacting our customer service team.


  • 3 x 6 (ft) in size
  • 80% wool, 20% Acrylic
  • Tufted deep wool pile
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