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Celtic Rug (Celtic Design Collection)

Aquatic Intrigue Area Rug

Aquatic Intrigue Area Rug

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A design seeped in intrigue

The eel was a source of mystery to the Celts due to its amphibious nature. It is mentioned in many legends, one of which is the story of two swineherds who battled in a variety of shape-shifting forms before being eaten by cows who gave birth to magical bulls. Another is that of the pagan goddess Morrigan's battle with the hero Cú Chulainn, where she took the form of an eel in an attempt to defeat him.

Throughout scripture, the eel symbolizes life, death and rebirth. It also embodies the traits of adaptability, wisdom and intelligent defence; earning it the honour of inspiring the name for Cú Chulainn's spear, Gáe-Bolga.

Minimalist aesthetics

Our intrigue area rug comes in various ovular sizes and a color scheme that is both minimal and stylish. It takes tones of color from the aquatic habit of the eel which have been adapted to compliment the modern home.

Free shipping from Ireland

Each of our area rugs is shipped directly from Ireland. It is packed by-hand and sent by courier directly to your doorstep. We currently offer free shipping to Ireland, The United Kingdom, The United States, Canada and Europe. If you live in any other country, you can purchase a rug by contacting our customer service team.


  • Available in sizes 3 x 6 (ft), 5 x 8 (ft) and 6 x 6 (ft)
  • 80% wool, 20% Acrylic
  • Tufted deep wool pile
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