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  • Aquatic Intrigue Wool Area Rug

    The eel was a source of mystery to the Celts due to its amphibious nature. Our area rug is an intriguing take on the ancient tales of the ancient Irish celts. It's colors are inspired by the sea and curated for the modern home.

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  • Companion Wool Area Rug

    Our hand-tufted Companion area rug depicts a dog of dual nature; both faithful and loving yet fierce toward its enemies. It’s dark design symbolizes nature and a lust for adventure. It is designed to suit any living space.

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  • Eternity Wool Area Rug

    This hand-tufted area rug features an embossed gold border inspired by the eternal knot motif seen in ancient Irish and Welsh manuscripts like the Book of Kells and Book or Durrow. It is available in many colors and sizes.

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  • Fair Trade Wool Area Rug

    The Fair Trade hand-tufted wool area rug and wallhanging is a rich illustration of Celtic colors on a blue background. It's interlacing human figures remind us of our need for interaction and fair trade.

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  • Loyalty Wool Area Rug

    Loyalty is a hand-tufted wool area rug which pays tribute to the Celtic hound, or Cú. It features a brown and gold interpretation of a Celtic hound with a matching ornate border on a dark blue background.

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  • New Beginnings Wool Area Rug

    This wool area rug showcases the snake, a fierce predator and a symbol of rebirth for the ancient Celts. Our design is hand-tufted on a deep green background with gold and navy illustration.

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  • Odyssey Wool Area Rug

    Our most iconic area rug; seen in homes on almost every continent. It is inspired by the ancient Celtic belief that everything in life is inter-connected. It features a hand-tufted gold embossed interlacing border.

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  • Sword Wool Area Rug

    Sword is a hand-tufted wool area rug which showcases what is perhaps one of the most recognizable Celtic symbols; the sword. It stands for honor and justice and is colored in shades of blue and brown.

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